Natural resources

Advantages in natural resources

More than ever, sustainability is essential part of any action. Terra Motus is developing algorithms for real-time, viable and continuous monitoring changes on Earth. While being able to obtain vast amounts of data in a fraction of the time delivering large dense spatial coverage, remote sensing technologies demonstrate great advantage over point-wise measurements.


Satellite remote sensing applications range from the monitoring of catastrophic or geophysical phenomena at the global scale to the delineation of local mineral resources. A synoptic view of regional scale is a much different perspective than point ground observations and offers simultaneous and synergistical data to geologists.


Satellite images provide geologists the location of tracks, roads, fences, and inhabited areas which is important for mapping out potential access corridors for exploration areas as well as and considering the environmental impact of a large project.


Satellite remote sensing can provide near‐real‐time retrievals of nearly all components of the terrestrial water cycle when integrated with in situ data and hydrological models. It includes surface soil moisture, root zone soil moisture, groundwater, snow, ice, water stored in the vegetation, river, and lake water..