Advantages in energy

Remote sensing makes possible monitoring in real-time of very large areas, obtaining vast amounts of data in a fraction of the time that it would take on the ground, reducing need for field work in the same time. Terra Motus is working on new possibilities for the future. We monitor changes on Earth in a fast, sustainable and more affordable manner.

New energy and infrastructure

Cutting edge methods for efficient site selection and planning that utilize satellite imagery in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data processing are currently underway. The conventional methods of site selection and planning using registry office maps, manual inspections and aerial photos cannot keep up.

Oil and gas

Based on satellite images old well locations can be recovered and coordinates adjusted to improve the geophysical and geological interpretation. Old and current multispectral satellite image data, spectral analysis, and sub-pixel classification are the methods used.


Offshore wind farms contribute a considerable fraction to the production of renewable electrical energy. Satellite imagery reveals wind-farm wakes to be several tens of kilometres in length under certain conditions (stable atmospheric stratification), which is also predicted by numerical models.