Advantages in security

Terra Motus offers new possibilities with fast, more affordable, and sustainable manner of monitoring changes on Earth. Obtaining vast amounts of data in a fraction of the time that it would take on the ground while being able to monitor very large areas is a great added advantage of remote sensing technologies.


Remote sensing along with related geospatial technologies, contribute powerful tools for preserving safety in transportation. These tools from space offer transportation planners and safety experts a broad synoptic view with the ability to detect changes in surface features quickly and routinely.


Maritime surveillance is of critical importance for threat prevention and maintenance of safety. Remote sensing enables identification of marine traffic in which vessel detection via space imagery could be authenticated against official data that provide the location and dimensions of legally operating ships.


Safety and security of land and maritime borders requires persistent monitoring. Unsanctioned changes, illegal construction sites and encroachment activities can happen at any time. The information is derived from radar satellite data, that can be taken regardless of clouds, weather, and daylight.