Advantages in infrastructure

Technology that Terra Motus offers is sustainable, viable, and more affordable then traditional in-situ methods. Obtaining vast amounts of data in a fraction of the time that it would take on the ground is a great added advantage of remote sensing data that is able to monitor very large areas. A very high-resolution satellite imagery is clear enough to show infrastructure to smallest details.


Events such as landslides, hydraulic activities, especially fluctuations in soil moisture or variations of water bodies, that potentially endanger railway structures can all be monitored with remote sensing techniques. They also provide easier spotting of excess vegetation growth and illicit activities along tracks.


Bridges role in transportation is of paramount importance, their closure for monitoring purpose may lead to economic losses, or to the delays of emergency response vehicles. Remote sensing offers a possibility of continuous measuring displacements without compromising functionality. Monitoring is essential for bridge damage evaluation.


LiDAR has been used to assess pavement geometric characteristics, becoming an excellent source of data for pavement assessment and maintenance, also because the surveyors are able to collect data safely with minimal interruptions to traffic flow.