Advantages in forestry

Remote sensing makes possible monitoring in real-time of very large areas, obtaining vast amounts of data in a fraction of the time that it would take on the ground, reducing need for field work in the same time. Terra Motus is working on new possibilities for the future. We monitor changes on Earth in a fast, sustainable and more affordable manner.


Historical remote-sensing data allow us to go back in time to look at the causes of present environmental issues. Detailed mapping and monitoring of important ecological variables give us and image of land-cover change.

Global approach

The data from key environmental remote-sensing systems are acquired under relatively fixed conditions constant in space and time. There are no differences in measurement practices from one country to another which allows easy integration with other spatial datasets in a geographical information system.


Remote sensing is an inexpensive way to acquire data considering per unit area. The data is more readily available and with expert knowledge of remote sensing and image analysis makes an invaluable resource for environmental scientists.