Natural disasters

Advantages in natural disasters

Terra Motus delivers large dense spatial coverage unlike pointwise measurements taking advantage of remote sensing technologies. We offer new possibilities with fast, more affordable, and sustainable manner of monitoring changes on Earth.


Remote sensing can play a significant role in documenting the effects of earthquakes and our understanding of them. In order to make a successful prediction of that hazard, information of past earthquakes and all the related data must be collected from different space-borne sensors and ground-based stations.


Remotely sensed data makes early fire detection possible and in combination with GIS is a great tool in assessment of forest resources damage caused by fires. It also helps monitoring and predicting forest fire activity were being as accurate as possible is of a crucial importance.


Detecting, locating, and quantifying of thermal anomalies in near real-time satellite data allow a better understanding of ongoing volcanic phenomena. The heat transferred from the Earth’s crust to the atmosphere always accompanies volcanic activity and can be measured from space helping to detect volcanic activity on a global scale.