Climate change

Advantages in climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that modern society needs to tackle with the great speed. Technology that Terra Motus offers is sustainable, viable, and provides real-time information. Using the remotely sensed data we are able to monitor very large areas in a high-resolution scale to show us changes to smallest details.

Dwindling ice covers

Satellite data is crucial for systematic monitoring of ice sheet volume change, mass balance, and sea-level rise. Declining ice cover also leads to rise in sea levels. Satellite imagery shows the decrease in ice caps in Antarctica and Greenland.

Ocean pollution

Oceans too are bearing the brunt of human activities and water pollution is leading to the death of many aquatic species. Satellites are used to monitor the discharge of plastic in the ocean and shows the havoc unleashed by plastic dumping.


Satellite imagery shows the extent of desertification which is a type of degradation of land causing it to become more arid. According to estimations around 12 million hectares of productive land are lost to desertification and drought each year.